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General Information About the Course:

Course: RSM 511E  --  "Railway Signalling Systems"
Dates: 22 September 2016 - 29 December 2016

Prof. Dr. M. Turan Söylemez

Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Eng./ Control and Automation Eng. Dept.

Room: Z1, Tel: 0212 - 285 35 70


Course Hours and Location:

Thursday (13:30 - 16:30)

Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Eng. Classroom: ?

Books: 1) Theeg G.; Vlasenko S., Railway Signalling & Interlocking, Eurailpress, 2009
2) Railway Signalling and Track Plans, 2007
3) C. F. Bonett, Practical Railway Engineering, Imperial College Press, 2005
Grading policy:

15% Midterm Exam (17th November 2016)

35% Homework Assignments (3)

20% Final Project

30%  Final Exam

Condition for Entering Final Exam: All homework assignments must be submitted in time, and the weighted average of homework assignments and the midterm exam must be over 40 (over 100).
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